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Building Cleaning

When is comes to cleaning buildings we have had a lot of experience in cleaning some big buildings in Cardiff. We carry a lot of our building cleaning out for decorating companies that employ our services to thoroughly wash down a large building ready for painting. We have also carried out work for companies that like to have the buildings cleaned down and not have it painted afterwards. As we are not just a window cleaning company, or a pressure washing company we can supply our client with a total cleaning service. We can clean the total exterior of practically any building. With our accumulated knowledge, experience and professional grade equipment we can usually find a cleaning package to suit everyone.

We carry out work for commercial, industrial and domestic properies.

All photos are of our own work

Monico Apartments

We cleaned the Monico Apartments for a decorating company in
Cardiff. We cleaned all the woodwork, balconies, render, windows and frames.

We used cherry pickers to access all the front of the building and the back. However we used scaffolding to access the sides where we were not able to drive a cherry picker into.

Once we finished cleaning the decorating team came in to paint the walls,wordwork and metal work.

This was a nice job to clean as the difference between when we started to when we finished was huge.
Many people commented on the difference and still do today.

Meridian Apartments

We carried out the work on Meridian apartments, Penarth for a local decorating company that we have worked with many times.

We used cherry pickers to access the high level areas as this was the best option due to expence and the fact that on one side of the building it was overlooking the habour.

We cleared out the gut
tering, cleaned the fascias and guttering, pressure washed the rendered and brick walls and cleaned the windows and frames

Treforrest University

As part of a £170,000,000 renovation project the university had 15 student accommadation blocks cleaned by Leeksons Professional Cleaning Services. We cleared out the guttering, cleaned the fascias and guttering, pressure washed the rendered and brick walls and cleaned the windows and frames. We also applied a fungicide to the surfaces.

It was a big job that took a couple of months to complete. We accessed the high areas by using scaffolding that was on errected on site.
The customer that we were working for was very happy with the results.


We cleaned this intustrial unit in two sections in 2010 and 2011.
We cleaned the front of the building first, but the client was so impressed with the results they asked us to come back a year later to finish the building off. We used cherry pickers to access the high level areas.

We cleaned all the brickwork, metal cladding and painted metal supports and beams. These were then painted afterwards.