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Cardiff Conservatory Cleaning
Leeksons Exterior Cleaning offer a professional conservatory cleaning service. We offer this service to both domestic and commercial customers.
A conservatory is often an expensive addition to your house or place of business, therefore it is vital to keep it clean and maintained.
With over 15 years experience cleaning conservatories we have developed the best way of cleaning them, using low pressure and fast acting cleaning chemicals and degreasers to ensure the area is cleaned to it's maximum potential.
We clean insides as well as outsides

Nicotine removal(yellow stains)
We can also remove nicotine from conservatories. After a short while of smoking in a conservatory or the building it is attached to nicotine stains can be found. Not only do the upvc and windows develop yellow stains, the nicotine leaves the conservatory, sun room or orangery with a nasty smell. We can remove the nicotine staining from upvc products, glass roofs and poly carbonate plastic sheet roofs.

All images are of our own work

What are the benefits of professional conservatory valeting/ cleaning?
  • Regular cleaning will help reduce the likelihood of leaks and general deterioration.
  • Adds value to your property.
  • When trying to sell your house it will improve the look of your property.
  • For businesses - it will help to give the right impression to those visiting your premises.
  • Inexperienced conservatory cleaners can often lead to damage of property.We are fully insured and have many years of experience.


The conservatory below was left for several years without being cleaned. The owner could not reach the top of the conservatory and did not have the right equipment of knowhow. We at Leeksons cleaned the whole of the outside of the conservatory from the finials at the top down to the floor. When we finished, the conservtory looked like new. We carried out all the cleaning from the floor, or using short ladders. WE DO NOT CLIMB ON THE CONSERVATORY!


The conservatory roof below is one of the smallest we have cleaned. The algae on the roof had made the conservatory dark inside. We treated the alage, then cleaned it for our customer. The owner was very happy with it.



How will you get to the top of our conservatory?

Using ladders, professional water-fed-poles and in some cases scaffolding or cherry pickers we can access your conservatory, glass roof or sunroom safely. We will at no point walk on top of your conservatory.


Will you use high pressure cleaning?

No. Using high pressure cleaning can damage seals and let water into your conservatory. The methods we use all involve low pressure cleaning. The pressure we use is the same as a standard outside tap. If need be, we may use a low pressure wash to clean the finial on top of the conservatory. Insides are always cleaned by hand.


How much will it cost?

The price depends on variety of things such as size, location, how dirty it is, amount of lichen, height and shape. The quickest way to receive a quotation is to send us a few photos showing the inside and outside of your sun room/ conservatory and your address to and we will send you an accurate quoatation back as soon as possible.


Will I need to be there when you carry out the work?

To clean the outside, all we need is a water source i.e. outside tap. If you are having the inside of your conservatory cleaned also, we will need to gain access to the inside of your conservatory.


Can you remove nicotine from the inside of the roof?

Yes we can. If there is nicotine on the underside of the conservatory roof furniture will need to be removed from the conservatory before the work begins. We can do this for you also. We use specific soaps and chemcials to loosen the nicotine, then clean the whole area.


Will the windows get dirty during the cleaning process?

It is likely that they will. That is why we include window cleaning in our basic package to ensure your property is left in top condition.


What areas do you cover?

We are based in Chepstow, South Wales, so we are ideally located to cover all of South Wales and South West England.

We carry out conservatory cleaning in Cardiff, Newport, Bristol and the surrounding areas.

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clean up caerleon
clean up blackwood
clean up south wales
clean up wales
clean up summerset
clean up bath
clean up Gloucester
clean up pontyprydd
clean up st mellons
clean up lisvane
spring clean cardiff
spring clean bristol
spring clean newport
spring clean chepstow
spring clean magor
spring clean caldicot
spring clean thornbury
spring clean caerleon
spring clean blackwood
spring clean south wales
spring clean wales
spring clean summerset
spring clean bath
spring clean Gloucester
spring clean pontyprydd
spring clean st mellons
spring clean lisvane
south wales
st mellons

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