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Stone Cleaning

Pressure washing alone can clean stonework to a degree, but the majority of the time a chemical clean is needed to clean the surface and to kill and remove algae and lichen spots. We can clean stonework at ground level as well as high level areas. Where possible we use cherry pickers rather than scaffolding. This means we can usually turn up, clean the area and leave in just one day - without leaving the scaffolding on your house for several week or months.

Bathstone Cleaning

The job shown below was carried out in Cardiff. The gate was fixed and quite small, but we managed to fit the cherry picker through the gate and set it up in the front garden. We then used the cherry picker to access the areas above ground. We treated the area with our cleaning solutions and softly pressure washed the area clean. We also cleaned and treated the front wall.
Our customer was thrilled with the results and is now going to have the back of the house cleaned also. We also cleaned all the windows to finish the job off free of charge!

Bathstone cleaning, Cardiff.

Bathstone window lintels and sills

As part of a complete house clean we cleaned the bathstone lintels and sills of this house in Somerset. We also cleaned the render as you can see in the pictures below. Pressure washing alone will not clean the stonework to this standard. We cleaned the stonework below using our special chemical mix and low pressure rinsing - and all safely from the ground!


Bathstone Cleaning, Somerset

Bathstone Ledge

We cleaned the patios, block paving and bathstone ledge at The Mughal Spice, Chepstow. The bathstone ledge you can see below had never been cleaned and now looked black. This made the whole area look dark and old. We restored the stonework to it's original colour. The Mughal Spice were so happy with the job they gave us a free curry! Thanks guys!
Bathstone Cleaning, Chepstow