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Are you looking for a pressure washing company in Bristol?

Patio Cleaning Services in Bristol

At Leeksons we offer a professional pressure washing service in Bristol and the surrounding areas. We carry out large commercial pressure washing and domestic power washing. As we have been operating for over 20 years we have a vast amount of experience in exterior cleaning. Meaning we can not only offer a professional clean, we also offer steam cleaning, chemical cleaning and sealing. By being a pressure washing company in Bristol we can offer the best service for our customers.

As we have invested in the best cleaning equipment we can transform your patio areas and block paving to its original condition.


High pressure is not always needed

We will always aim to clean with as little pressure was possible. We can aid the cleaning at low pressure using steam cleaning and cleaning with chemicals. Using the correct chemicals for a clean will ensure the best possible result without risk of damage to your surfaces.


What can we clean?

The whole of the outside of your property can be pressure washed to a certain extent. Some surfaces are more fragile than others. If this is the case a softwash approach may be better.

Some of the areas services we offer are:

Is you patio stained?

On many occasions we have been told that a patio or other hard surface is permanently stained. This is not always the case. The the right techniques and product knowledge we can get stains out of your hard surface most of the time.


Is Pressure washing a DIY job?

Pressure washing can be viewed as a DIY job that can be done on the weekends. Although a DIY pressure washer such as a Karcher can be using to remove some of the dirt on an exterior surface, it will not achieve the best results. As we use professional grade pressure washers we can clean the surface quicker than a DIY power washer. This will mean a minimum disturbance to your property. By using specialist chemicals in out cleaning services we can also kill the algae growth which means your surface will stay cleaner for longer. We can also seal your surfaces to achieve even more longevity to the clean. So although a part of the Clean could be carried out yourself, for the best results look for a pressure washing company in Bristol.


What are people searching for:

Most of our customers are looking for pressure washing Bristol, pressure washing company in Bristol, jet washing and jet washing services. Some of our customers are looking for jet wash company near me. When this is the case we can help you with our jet washing and pressure washing services in Bristol.


Are you ready for your free quote?

When you want your quotation for jet washing, power washing or pressure washing get in touch. We can arrange a time to pop over to take a look at the job and advise the bets course of action for you. We can also price work from photos. So, if convenient, just send a few photos and your address and we will be able to work out a price for you cleaning straight away.

If you prefer to speak to someone call us on 0800 6101 275 and we’ll be happy to help.