Bathstone / Limestone Cleaning in Bath and Bristol

Bathstone is famous for its beautiful bath stone buildings. Overtime algae growth, traffic film and carbon can stain the surfaces leaving them looking dirty, and tired. This is where we can come in. When you are looking for bathstone cleaning in Bath get in touch. 

Stone cleaning in Bath

In the photos shown below you can see a project we carried out in January 2019. We were asked to provide bathstone cleaning in Bath. The gutter above this area of Bath stone was leaking, and had been for several years. The manager of the property sent us a couple of photos showing the area to be cleaned. From this, we were able to provide a full quotation for our customer. We allowed for a steam clean of the area followed by a treatment to kill the algae growth. Next, after sufficient dwelltime, we steam cleaned the stone again. Finally, we applied the biocide that will keep the stone cleaner for longer. We also cleaned the windows in this area and in nearby to leave the site clean and tidy.

Do you need stone cleaning in Bath?

If your Bathstone building is in need of a clean then give us a call or send us an email and we can arrange your free quotation. Having your bath stone cleaned does not always mean we need to use scaffolding. Although that is the case sometimes, if possible we will clean your bath stone areas from the ground using our telescopic cleaning systems. We also hold cherry picker licenses and insurance. Therefore, we can utilise the use of cherry pickers to reduce the cost of a project when possible.