Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

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Roof Cleaning can have a dramatic effect on your property!


Why do you need your roof cleaned?

• Drains will not become blocked caused by moss falling down downpipes.
• Roof will look more appealing to the eye.
• Cleaned roofs can be coated with your chosen colour.
• Increase value of your house and make it more appealing to buyers.
• A cleaned roof means moss will not fall all over your patios, driveways and gardens.



Does your roof look like this?
Years of moss build up meant this roof was slowly growing into a roof garden. Although it may look nice to some people the fact is moss build up can damage your roof. When is rains each piece of moss absorbs water increasing the weight on the roof.

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Roof Cleaning in Cardiff, Swansea, South Wales
Roof Cleaning in Cardiff, Swansea, South Wales


Soft Washing

The pictures shows a roof which has had one side cleaned with only chemicals.No high pressure jet washing took place to clean the tiles. Using these chemicals your roof can be cleaned effectively and safely. We can use ladders, scaffold or cherry pickers to carry out the work.

Roof Cleaning in Cardiff


Moss Removal

Moss will cause damage to your roof so it is important to removal the growth before water gets into your roof space. Leeksons Exterior Cleaning will remove the moss from your roof and apply a biocide to kill the moss spores. This will mean your roof will stay cleaner for longer . When removing moss from a roof the right safety precautions should be in place. For this reason we do not step foot on your roof unless it is absolutely necessary. This means we use a tower scaffold to carry out nearly all our roof cleaning jobs. Sometimes we use a cherry picker or a roof ladder to access awkward areas. But safety it number one for us. This means we will either be working safely from a tower scaffold, or we will have a full harness and rope system in place.

Roof Cleaning in Cardiff


Roof Coatings

We do not recommend sealing your roof or painting your roof. Instead we always suggest the application of a biocide to your roof. This will kill off the algae, lichen and moss on your roof meaning all biological growth on your roof will be killed. This means over time your roof will get cleaner and cleaner when it rains. Also, a biocide application will keep your roof cleaner for longer.

Roof Cleaning in Cardiff, Swansea
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