Building Cleaning

Building Cleaning

When is comes to cleaning buildings we have had a lot of experience in cleaning some big buildings. A lot of our work is in Cardiff, Bristol and the surrounding cities. Cleaning a large property can take a lot of planning. Traffic and pedestrian traffic may need to be managed. Pavement closures may be needed and cleaning solution run off may need to be contained. This is where you can leave everything to us and we can ensure the whole project is managed correctly.

As we are not just a window cleaning company or a pressure washing company. We can supply our client with a total cleaning service. This means we can clean the total exterior of practically any building. With our accumulated knowledge, experience and professional grade equipment we can usually find a cleaning package to suit everyone.

We carry out work for commercial, industrial and domestic properties.

cladding cleaning in Bridgend

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Monico Apartments

We cleaned the Monico Apartments for a decorating company in Cardiff. We cleaned all the woodwork, balconies, render, windows and frames.

We used cherry pickers to access all the front of the building and the back. However we used scaffolding to access the sides where we were not able to drive a cherry picker into.

Once we finished cleaning the decorating team came in to paint the walls,wordwork and metal work.

This was a nice job to clean as the difference between when we started to when we finished was huge.
Many people commented on the difference and still do today.

Building Cleaning in Cardiff


Care Home, Cardiff

Leeksons exterior cleaning on the contract to carry out the exterior cleaning on this lovely property in Cardiff. The building required some soft wash Roof cleaning as well as light steam clean. The walls of the property also had a soft wash Render Clean with a light steam clean of the stone surfaces.

The difference after the clean was amazing. Although the property was not very old, over time algae starts to form.

To save costs for the customer, we carry out all the clean using the large cherry picker. This meant that no scaffolding was needed for the clean.



softwashing in cardiff
Roof Cleaning


Sovereign Quay, Cardiff

Leeksons were chosen to carry out a deep clean on the render of Sovereign Quay in Cardiff. The building had developed a very bad level of algae growth. This completely changed the appearance of the building; turning it from white to a dark grey.

Due to the height of the property we used cherry pickers to access the high level areas. This meant we could keep the costs down for the client. The one side of the property was cleaned using an 85ft cherry picker, and the dock side was cleaned with a smaller 65ft narrow cherry picker.

Whilst we were carrying out the softwash render cleaning on this property, we also compiled a report every week to update the owners on any defects we found in the render.

The whole property was cleaned in just 3 weeks using 6 operatives. We even cleaned the windows at the end of the project to leave the site looking great.

render cleaning company
render cleaning cardiff



Leeksons were asked to improve the look of this large site and give it a good clean up. We cleaned the front of the building first, but the client was so impressed with the results they asked us to come back to finish the building off. We used cherry pickers to access the high level areas.

During the project we cleaned all the brickwork, metal cladding and painted metal supports and beams. 

Building Cleaning in Cardiff



Exterior Clean, Monmouth

Leeksons Exterior Cleaning won the contract to carry out the cleaning of this property in Monmouth. As part of the project we were asked to empty all the guttering and to give video evidence for the customer. Using our gutter vacuum system we were able to access all the gutters safely from the ground without having to use Cherry Pickers or Scaffolding. Once it was all cleaned and all downpipes were checked, we provided video evidence showing that all the gutters were clean and free of debris. Peace of mind for the customer!

Commercial gutter cleaning 

commercial gutter cleaning
commecial gutter cleaning


Brick Cleaning in Bristol

As part of a huge refurbishment project Leeksons we’re asked to carry out the soft wash Brick cleaning of several buildings on the site. Although Scaffolding was initially an option, we were able to carry out the clean using a cherry picker to reduce the price for our client. Within steam cleaned the brickwork to ensure low pressure during the clean. We were also able to treat the brickwork to kill off algae growth, lighting growth and any moss growing on the surface.

Brick Cleaning

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