Building Cleaning in CardiffK Rend Cleaning

When you need building cleaning in Cardiff look no further. We at Leeksons Exterior Cleaning can transform your property and bring it back to its original condition. We carry out render cleaning in Cardiff, as well as other types of building cleaning in Cardiff. Such as cladding cleaning in Cardiff, steam cleaning in Cardiff and brick cleaning in Cardiff.


The Photo on the left shows our building cleaning in Cardiff. On this occasion we carried out a clean of the K Rend surface. We carried out a soft wash render clean to remove the dirt from the surface as well as kill the algae growth on K Rend. This softwash cleaning was then followed by a steam clean of the building. The reason we steam clean buildings in Cardiff is to achieve A cleaner result and remove the dirt and grime that accumulates.

We carried out the cleaning of this building in one day. This meant minimal disturbance to the property owner and business.

The after picture shown here of the render cleaning in Cardiff that we carried out shows the results we achieve. The property owner was thrilled to see the original colour of the K Rend walls.

When you need building cleaning in Cardiff get in touch for your free quotation.

We do not only carry out K Rend cleaning in Cardiff, we also carry out other types of building cleaning in Cardiff. We have invested in our equipment and can usually reach the tops of buildings using our telescopic cleaning systems. However when a building is too tall for this, we can you bring in our spider cherry picker, or use other cherry pickers to carry out high-level cleaning in Cardiff.