With K Rend becoming more and more popular, especially with newer buildings, many are asking if K Rend can be cleaned. K Rend, as well as other types of coloured renders will start to develop algae growth usually after 4 to 5 years. This sill start as green staining, then develop to black marks. Sometimes red streaks can also appear on the render leaving the K Rend looking tired. But something can be done about it. You can clean K Rend!

k rend cleaning
Can you paint K Rend?

Painting K Rend can lead to problems down the line. There are some rare occasions where painting render can be the only option available, such as patch repairs on K Rend, or deeply engrained graffiti. But as a general rule of thumb it is best not to paint K Rend. K Rend is a self finished render that is designed not to be painted. By employing a professional K Rend cleaning company your render can look like it did when it was new. However, it is important that a suitable detergent for K Rend is used for your render cleaning chemicals.

How can you clean K Rend?

Some home owners will buy some k rend cleaner from b&q or another hardware store and attempt a clean themselves. Unfortunately, more is involved to cleaning K Rend. It is important to use the correct chemicals to clean the k rend. There are different methods to cleaning K Rend to be found online, such as cleaning render with bleach and biocides. Some will look for k rend algae clean stockists to buy a product to apply from the floor. However, as a professional render cleaning company we offer a range of cleaning techniques which we can tailor to your property. 

Do you want to have your render cleaned?

If you are looking for k-rend cleaning companies to clean you k rend property Leeksons Exterior Cleaning have been established for 20 years. We have carried out many render cleaning projects. These include schools, hospitals, apartment blocks as well as housing association contracts.

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