K Rend can be found on many buildings in the UK. Over time K Rend will start to develop algae growth. Green stains, red streaks and black staining will occur over time. So, how do you remove these stains? Is painting the correct thing to do? Can you clean K Rend?



Well, K Rend can be cleaned, but it is something that should be undertaken by an experienced professional. Leeksons Exterior Cleaning have been cleaning K Rend for over 14 years!

Can you clean k rend?

Why is cleaning important?

Algae growth on your render can damage the surface. Algae growth will encourage moss to grow on the render. Moss will grow on the surface and between any cracks. This means that when the moss grows the cracks will deepen. Also, algae can make a building look dirty. K Rend can be cleaned, but it is important that experienced K-Rend cleaning companies undertakes the work. This is because render cleaning products are needed which can be dangerous to use if used by inexperienced workers.

Can you clean k rend?
Can you clean k rend?

Is DIY K Rend cleaning the best option?

Render cleaning products are available online or in shops. You can buy K rend cleaner from b&q and other DIY shops. Some may suggest cleaning render with bleach or using biocides. There are many options when it comes to render cleaning, but each job is different. This means DIY render cleaning should be avoided to ensure no damage is caused to the render and no injury occurs.


How much does K Rend cleaning cost?

Cleaning K Rend will cost a lot less than painting the render. Can you paint K Rend? Yes, but why would you want to? If you were to paint K Rend it would need to be cleaned first, so the K Rend cleaning cost would only be part of the bill. Professional render cleaning can achieve excellent results. The cost will vary from site to site due to access, surface area, level of algae growth, etc. But be careful, if a price seems too cheap there is probably a reason. Cleaning K Rend is a specialist cleaning process to carry out correctly. Even though handymen, gardeners and window cleaners may offer render cleaning, are they really the best type of company to carry out a specialist cleaning service?