K Rend is a very popular product amongst new build developments. Although it looks great when it is new, within a few years algae will start to grow on the surfaces. The algae growth will leave the render with green marks, black mould and sometimes red streaks. You may be wondering, can you jet wash K Rend?

Before you pick up the pressure washer, there are a few important things you need to consider.

  1. Pressure Washing will not kill the algae growth. This means, even if the render looks slightly better after Pressure Wash, the algae will soon grow back. It needs to be killed. This should be carried out by a soft wash chemical treatment.

2. Using high pressures to clean K Rend can cause permanent damage. K Rend is a fragile surface, so using very high pressures on K Rend will strip the top layer of the render away


3. As mentioned in point 1, when you jet wash K Rend the algae is not killed. When the algae returns the algae will grow in lines as the K Rend had been pressure washed. This can leave a stripy effect to the render which looks very odd.

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So, what is the solution?

Can you jet wash K Rend? Yes, you can, but it isn’t the best idea. If you are trying to work out how to clean k rend the main thing to think about is the root of the problem; algae. This algae on the surface needs to be killed. There are various methods of cleaning K Rend that can be found with a quick google search. Such as cleaning render with bleach, a biocide or other more environmentally friendly methods.

K Rend themselves recommend using a suitable detergent for k rend but what is a “suitable detergent”? K Rend recommend a product called algae clean, which is a biocide, which should be applied annually to your K Rend walls.  K Rend algae Clean reviews vary, but if a biocide is applied annually, and correctly, the results can be great. But the delivery method of the product can be an issue for many homeowners. Spraying biocide can be very dangerous to your health and others, especially on a windy day! This is where employing a professional render cleaning company is worth it.

Employing a professional render cleaning company will come at a price, but the cost is minimal when compared to other options. Many people ask can you paint k rend, but this is costly, unnecessary and can lead to big problems down the line. The k rend cleaning cost is worth the difference it will make to your property. Unfortunately, algae growth is one of k rend render problems, but with the right solution it doesn’t have to be any more.



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So in summery…

Can you jet wash K Rend? the question should be “Should you jet wash K Rend”, and the answer would be NO. Employ a professional render cleaning company with the correct equipment and knowledge to kill the algae growth. A Softwash and a light steam clean is the best way to clean K Rend.