Can you remove stains from K Rend?

K Rend cleaning and render cleaning is offered by Leeksons Exterior Cleaning throughout the UK. The process involves a softwash treatment to the surface and a steam clean to remove the organic growth.

Render is common throughout the UK and known under a few brands. The most well known brands being K Rend, Weber, Monocouche and Sto. As with most surfaces, regular maintenance is essential to increasing the life of your render.

Large commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals are often coated in K Rend as well as domestic properties and apartment blocks. These can be owned either privately or by councils and housing associations.

The cleaning process can vary. Professional K Rend cleaning companies can offer various methods such as cleaning render with biocide, cleaning render with bleach, cleaning render with steam as well as other methods.

Why do stains develop on K Rend?

Your K Rend will develop a green tinge after a couple of years due to algae growth. Some elevations will likely suffer quicker than others when exposed to prevailing wind or when close to trees, plants and bushes. Also, North Facing, or North-East sides can be affected worse than others. 

As the weather in the UK has changed in recent years we are now experiencing warmer weather with will encourage the growth of organic grow on your K Rend such as algae, lichen and moss. How long does K Rend last with algae and moss growth? It is difficult to say as every property is different, but algae and moss growth will damage your render.

So when stains develop on render, can you remove stains on K Rend

So how can you remove stains from K Rend?

Many property owners with K Rend walls will start by trying to pressure wash the render. This is not advised as the surface is incredibly fragile and high pressure cleaning  will damage the surface. So removing the algae growth can be a problem for many home owners. High walls are also difficult to access without the right equipment and methods. If only water pressure is used the growth is not killed in the cleaning process and will soon start to regrow.


Leeksons Exterior Cleaning use softwash methods to treat the algae growth to remove the stains from the render. This will mean the algae will not grow back. We also steam the clean the K Rend under low pressure to remove the deposits left after the softwash clean. This will leave a better result and give more longevity to the clean. We are able to use k rend cleaning detergent and carry out a k rend algae clean application to carry out your softwash.

Why choose Leeksons Exterior Cleaning for your K Rend Cleaning

Leeksons Exterior Cleaning have been cleaning the exterior of buildings for over 20 years. We specialise in render cleaning and have cleaned hundreds of rendered buildings and cleaned hundreds of thousands of metres of render. Most of our work is from recommendation and repeat work for management companies and councils. With many examples of our work, and testimonials we are able prove just what we can do.



In recent years we have noticed a lot of companies offering render cleaning. These are usually window cleaners, gardeners, handymen, etc. that have started to offer the service. These companies will often be cheaper, but this will come at a price. Most will not be adequately insured, have the correct training in place and and know how to use the chemicals needed. We have seen companies who are ‘YouTube experts’ or who have gained their knowledge by asking on Facebook groups. Without the correct knowledge and experience permanent damage can be caused to your render.

Leeksons Exterior Cleaning are not only experienced, we also have the right insurances, training, and knowledge to safely clean your K Rend, and treat unusual stains. In fact, we at Leeksons have been called in to correct other contractors mistakes many times. 

Can you paint K Rend?

It’s not a face of can you, but should you? In a word, the answer is no. Painting a building that is coated in K Rend, Weber or Monocouche render using a k render paint is expensive and not needed. In fact, by painting over green algae, red stains or black stains on render is can cause major problems. Softwash cleaning and steam cleaning can make you render look like new again. Can you paint silicone render? why would you want to when you can clean it for much less.

Why do stains need to be removed from K Rend?

As render is used on many buildings throughout the UK. Regular maintenance is vital. Ideally a biocide softwash should be carried out annually. Alternatively a building with K Rend should be cleaned every 3-5 years. If the K Rend is not maintained properly algae growth will spread and lead to the growth of mosses and lichen. Coloured render can also fade when algae growth is left untreated. If stains are not removed from K Rend the life of the render will be shortened. This will also leave the building looking dirty, grubby or tired. Algae growth can be noticed by green stains on render, red stains on render and black stains on render. The appearance will change according to the environmental surroundings. Red lines on render is common in coastal areas in particular.

Remove stains using softwashing

Some house or building owners think that painting the surface is the answer. It is not. Softwashing is a safe way of cleaning the K Rend rendering which will not damage the substrate. K Rend, Weber and Monocouche renders will change colour due to the weather, pollution and environmental influences. Algae, mildew, mold, lichen, mosses and Bacteria will grow on the render is left untreated. Softwashing render is a gentle way of cleaning your K Rend without using pressure washing. 

Softwashing will make a dramatic change to a rendered property that is suffering from algae growth. This will improve curb appeal, make selling your house easier and could even increase the value!

We are able to softwash and steam K Rend from the floor on most occasions which minimises the need for cherry pickers and scaffolding, although when needed we have the qualifications and experience needed.


If you are looking for a K Rend cleaning, using K Rend Algae Clean of another brand of cleaning solution get I touch with us at Leeksons today to arrange your quote and any advice needed.