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Cladding Cleaning in Chepstow

Are you looking for cladding cleaning in Chepstow? We at Leeksons Exterior Cleaning offer a cladding cleaning service in Chepstow and the surrounding towns and cities. Cladded buildings can be cleaned using different methods. Each job is different, so what may work best for one my not necessarily work best on another site. However, the two main methods for cleaning cladding are soft washing and steam cleaning. We provide cladding cleaning for New House Industrial Estate in Chepstow as well as other areas.


Steam Cleaning Cladding

Steam cleaning cladded buildings can achieve excellent results. The advantage of using steam cleaning for cladding is that when chemicals are not needed this clean in more environmentally friendly. Also, by using higher temperatures we are able to clean with less pressure, which is always preferred. However, using heat for cleaning on painted surfaces can lead to issues. This is where experience and knowledge on the best methods is vital

Soft Washing Cleaning

Soft washing cladding is another excellent way of cleaning when chemicals are needed to treat certain surfaces. This can especially be needed when cleaning greasy surfaces or areas that have a heavy build up of algae and lichen. Softwashing cladding is a very gentle way of cleaning cladded buildings as very little pressure is used for the clean.

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How to arrange a quote

If you would like a quotation for cladding cleaning in Chepstow get in touch today by clicking here and entering your details. For smaller projects we can usually quote from photos. However, larger projects would usually need a site visit to ensure access is suitable.

What is Chepstow like?

Chepstow  is a town and community in Monmouthshire, adjoining the border with Gloucestershire. It is located on the River Wye and the River Severn and is close to the Severn Bridge.It is east of Newport, east-northeast of Cardiff, northwest of Bristol and west of London.

Chepstow Castle, situated on a clifftop above the Wye and its bridge, is often cited as the oldest surviving stone castle in Britain. The castle was established by William FitzOsbern immediately after the Norman conquest, and was extended in later centuries before becoming ruined after the Civil War

The town had a population of 10,821 according to the 2001 census. It is served by the M48 motorway, and its accessibility to the cities of BristolNewport and Cardiff means it has a large number of commuters.