K rend looks great when first applied. Unfortunately, due to our climate in the UK, algae grows on everything. K rend walls are no exception. Within a couple of years algae growth on K Rend can change the appearance of your rendered walls. So, how do I stop my K rend turning green? This article will highlight a couple of options available.

Can algae damage K rend?

Algae growth on K Rend will start as a green tinge to the K Rend walls. At this point no damage will have been caused to your property. However, the next stage will involve black mould and algae forming on the K rend walls. When K rend walls are close to the coast red algae streaks will form and run down the property, although this can happen further in-land. This is where your render can potentially start to become damaged. As mosses feed off algae and the surface of render, mosses will start to grow on the surface. This can be particularly hazardous to your K rend if it grows in any hairline cracks. This, of course, can cause to render cracking further.

Not only will algae and moss eventually damage your render, it also looks unsightly. A K Rend coated building with algae and moss growth will look old, tired and dirty. As the process starts with green algae, how do you stop k rend turning green?

What can be done about it?

If you have asked how do I stop my K Rend turning green, you have options.

First step, is cleaning. By applying a K render cleaning solution to the surface you can return your render to its former condition. A K rend algae clean solution should be applied under low pressure. For low level areas this can be carried out yourself, although it is always best to use an experienced professional. There are different options for a cleaning solution such as k render multi purpose algae cleaner. K Rend sell their own product, K Rend Algae Clean. Sometimes it can be suggested to carry out cleaning render with bleach, this is a great way of cleaning render, but care must be taken to protect surfaces and ensure the work is carried out safely.

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So what can be done to prevent your K Rend turning green?

To prevent regrowth a biocide should be applied annually.

Another option is to apply a manufactures recommend sealer.

What to do next…

Do you have red streaks on rendered walls? green algae on K Rend? Although some smaller work can be carried out DIY, it is best to employ a company that are experienced, insured and have the right machinery for applying a softwash solution to your K Rend walls.

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