How do you remove moss from roofs?

Moss can be found on most roofs in the UK. Due to the weather and climate in the UK moss grows easily and quickly. But left to grow it can cause permanent damage to your roof tiles and can cause serious damage to your property. Also, it can lead to blocked gutters and drainage, and just be a pain to sweep up when it falls on your patio.

So, how to you remove moss from roofs?

There are two different approaches to moss removal; pressure washing or scrape and treatment. When thinking about how to remove moss from roof tiles it is important that the best method is used for your roof.

How to you remove moss from roofs?

Pressure washing

This method of roof cleaning will leave the roof looking its cleanest. However, there are potential issues when it comes to pressure washing roofs. High pressure cleaning of roof tiles can lead to water getting into the property. If there are any weaknesses in the roof felt water can work its way into the attic space and lead to damp issues. Another potential issue with pressure washing roofs is that over time they can lose their colour. Concrete roof tiles are coated in a colour when new, but this can fade over the years. By pressure washing the tiles it can expose the fact the roof tiles have faded. Also, the high pressure can remove some of the coating. This can lead to an odd looking roof.

Scrape and Treatment

Most home owners prefer to opt for the low pressure method of cleaning. This involves using a roof moss scraper or telescopic roof moss scraper. By using a roof scraper that is specifically designed for the tile being cleaned the vast majority of the moss can be scraped away. Some roofs are best scraped using stainless steel scraping blades. Whereas others are best scraped with a nylon scraper. 

Once the scrape is finished the gutters will need to be cleared out.

The final step is an application of a biocide. This will kill the moss that has not been scraped away, especially between the tiles. The biocide will also kill the algae and lichen growth. The biocide is applied under very low pressure to the tiles.


Can you remove moss naturally?

We have been asked how to remove moss from roof naturally. Some may suggest using a copper strip to prevent moss growth. However, these methods do not work.

What is the best time of year to remove moss from a roof?

Moss removal and treating can be carried out all year round. However, the application of biocide should be carried out when it is dry, and above 5 degrees Celsius.

How much does it cost?

We try to keep the cost of roof cleaning down, so we have invested in tower scaffolding which means we do not need full scaffolding around your house. The price will vary from roof to roof, but we can work out prices based on photos and an address.

Can you stop the moss returning?

Due to our climate moss thrives in damp conditions. If you are looking at how to stop moss growing on roof tiles uk, an annual biocide treatment is best applied. This will prevent the moss growing.