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Roof cleaning costs

How much does roof cleaning cost in 2020? The costs of roof cleaning can vary depending on several factors. However, when it comes to roof cleaning it is rarely the best choice to go for the cheapest option. As roof cleaning involves working at height safety is a big concern. Also, it is important that your roof is cleaned in a way that does not have a detrimental affect to your roof. If a roof is damaged during a clean it can lead to very costly repair bills. This is why it is always best to choose an experienced contractor who is insured.

What’s EATING your roof?

In the UK moss growth on roof tiles is extremely common. Mosses will usually start to grow between roof tiles and along the edges. Over time, these will grow until they are visibly noticeable from the ground. Lichens and algae will also be present on the roof of your house. These biological growths will form a symbiotic relationship. However, the issue some when the mosses start to damage your roof.

What possible damage can be caused from moss growth?

Moss is absorbant

When it rains the moss on your roof will absorb the water as it runs down the tiles. This can be problematic as it would increase the overall weight on your roof. If the moss growth on your property is extreme then the weight difference can be substantial. Overtime this will shorten the lifespan of your roof.

Moss blocks your gutters

The rainwater goods on your property, meaning the gutter systems, need to be free-flowing at all times to ensure no damage to your property. When moss falls from the roof and collects in the gutters it will stop the water flowing and can lead to water ingress in your attic space, behind the fascia boards. Usually, the moss will move over time until it travels to the downpipe. Here a buildup of moss will lead to a blockage. This will mean the gutters will overflow and be a nuisance to the homeowner, but also can cause staining and accelerated algae growth on your walls and floors.

Moss falling onto your patio

In heavy rain moss can become dislodged from your roof tiles and fall down onto your patio areas. This will look untidy but also provide other problems. When the moss falls onto your hard surface floor it will encourage moss growth on these surfaces also. This can be dangerous when wet as it will cause a slip hazard

Moss can lift and move tiles

As moss grows in the gaps between tiles and slates this can cause the tiles to lift or move. This may cause the tiles to crack and need replacing. Also, when moss grows in between the tiles or under them it can cause the tiles to lift up. This is a big problem as this will now allow driving rain and snow to work its way into the roof space.


How do you remove moss from a roof?

Moss can be extremely difficult to remove from some roofs, while other roofs it can be much easier. Moss can sometimes be brushed off the roof tiles, but usually this will not remove much moss growth. To remove more moss from your roof you will either need to lightly pressure wash the roof or scrape it.

Pressure Washing a roof can lead to a lot of damage if not done correctly. It is important to use the right type of pressure washer, the right pressure, the right tip to your pressure washer, the right direction and technique. This is why it is usually best to leave the process to a professional roof cleaning company who has experience in this line of work.

Another option to remove the moss is to scrape it. This is a far less abrasive way of cleaning the roof. This involves using professional roof scraping equipment with will involve using scraping blades custom made for the profile of your roof. This will mean as much moss can be scraped off as possible. 

Whichever process is opted for, it is important to treat the roof after the clean to ensure the moss doesn’t start growing back straight away. A professional biocide should be applied to ensure the moss, lichen and algae is killed.

Would you like the moss removed from your roof?

Have you been searching for roof moss removal companies near me? There is a difference between a professional roof cleaning company and someone that will ‘give it a go’. A professional roof cleaning company will likely cost more than an individual that will carry out the work on the cheap. But the question to ask is “is it worth paying for a professional roof cleaning company”? A professional roof cleaning company will have the correct insurances in place, have the correct roof cleaning equipment, correct knowledge of how to clean your roof to the best possible standard while not damaging the surface. 

Leeksons Exterior Cleaning are able to advise on the best cleaning technique needed for your roof. Not only that, but Leeksons will also be able to clean your roof in a way that will last loner than a quick brush. By treating the roof as well the moss will stay at bay for much longer.

So, How much does roof cleaning cost in 2020?

As you can imagine, the price will vary from property to property. Access, level of moss growth, roof type, locations, etc. will play a part in the price of your roof cleaning. However, a professional roof cleaning company would usually charge £700+vat and above for a professional roof clean. This may seem steep at first. But when you factor in all the expenses and upfront costs the price seems reasonable. Such as the fact that you need at least two men to carry out the work. Access equipment (scaffold tower or cherry picker) is needed. Expensive roof cleaning equipment that needs to be maintained and replaced is needed. Professional grade biocides come as a price and need to be dosed at the right ratio which involves using chemical dosing equipment. Adequate public and employers liability insurance for roof cleaning company comes at a premium. Add to this the usually costs of running a business such as staff wages, advertising, workwear, van running costs, fuel, etc.

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