K Rend is a popular choice for exterior wall finishes, providing a sleek and durable appearance. However, over time, it can become susceptible to unsightly growth like red algae, green algae, black algae, and mould. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best method to restore your K Rend to its pristine condition – softwashing. Learn how this powerful technique can efficiently tackle algae and mould issues. Whilst ensuring your K Rend stays clean and appealing for years to come.

The Challenge:

Algae and Mould Growth on K Rend Red algae, green algae, black algae, and mould are common culprits when it comes to K Rend stains. These unwelcome invaders can spread rapidly, marring the appearance of your property. Also, potentially causing long-term damage to the surface if left untreated. To tackle this issue effectively, homeowners need a reliable and safe solution.

The Power of Softwashing

Softwashing is a low-pressure cleaning method that utilizes specialized eco-friendly detergents to eradicate algae and mould from K Rend surfaces. Unlike high-pressure washing, softwashing ensures thorough cleaning without causing any harm to the render. This gentle yet powerful technique reaches deep into the surface, eliminating all traces of algae and mould, leaving your K Rend looking brand new.

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wooden cladding cleaning
wooden cladding cleaning
  • Softwashing for Red Algae Removal: The combination of low-pressure water and algae-specific detergents used in softwashing effectively removes red algae, restoring your K Rend’s vibrant appearance.

  • Gentle Green Algae Cleaning: Softwashing targets green algae with precision, gently lifting it off the surface without causing any damage.

  • Black Algae Eradication: The powerful cleaning agents employed in softwashing swiftly tackle black algae, ensuring a thorough cleanse and preventing its return.

  • Mould Treatment on K Rend: Softwashing effectively treats and removes mould infestations, keeping your K Rend surface free from unsightly spots.

Choosing the Right Softwashing Company

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When seeking a softwashing solution for your K Rend, it’s essential to engage a reliable and experienced company. Look for experts like “Leeksons Exterior Cleaning,” known for their professional algae and mould removal services. With their skilled technicians and eco-friendly approach, they can restore your K Rend’s beauty while ensuring its longevity.


Maintaining a clean and pristine K Rend exterior is possible with the power of softwashing. Red algae, green algae, black algae, and mould are no match for this gentle yet effective cleaning technique. By choosing the expertise of “Leeksons Exterior Cleaning,” you can enjoy a spotless K Rend that will make your property stand out for all the right reasons. Say goodbye to algae and mould issues and embrace the beauty of your K Rend for years to come!