pressure washing block paving

Read on to find out how to clean a block paved driveway

Block paved driveways are very popular in the UK. Many houses have this type of surface whether it be stone blocks, concrete or clay paving. Over time algae and lichen will grow on the surface and will often lead to moss growing between the blocks and in the sand. This is coupled with general dirt and pollution. When this time comes many will ask how to clean a block paved driveway the professional way.

What methods can you use?

There are some old school approaches to cleaning driveways for those that want to know how to clean block paving without a pressure washer. Some of these are cleaning block paving with washing powder, cleaning block paving with eyes fluid and using other homemade block paving cleaner. While these methods can produce decent results, they are not really the best way to clean your block paving to the best level possible.

Pressure washing block paving works well. However, there are a few things you need to bare in mind when using a pressure washer.

How much pressure?

Domestic pressure washers are great for cleaning cars, but for cleaning block paving they are often not good enough. An ideal set up for pressure washing block paving is around 250 bar of pressure and 21 litres per minute. This will clean the block pavers well, quickly without using too much pressure. If you would like to know how to clean block paving with a pressure washer by reading this blog you will get a better idea of what to use. However, for the best clean a professional pressure washing company may be the best option.

Are chemicals needed?

Chemicals are not always needed when cleaning block paving. Especially when the block paving is relatively new. However, chemicals will nearly always give a better result to pressure washing alone. When looking for the best cleaner for block paving there are different options available. Are you looking for information on how to clean block paving with bleach? Bleach can clean block paving very well. However, when using any chemical it is important that you understand how to use the chemicals and any health risks involved. Chemicals that contain acid or bleach can do a lot of damage to property, the environment as well as yourself.


Is the cleaning messy?
In short, yes. pressure washing block paving can be very messy. For block paving that is not too dirty you can use a flat surface cleaner which will contain the mess. However, if the block paving is very dirty you would be best using a turbo nozzle(or a spinner). This will rip through the dirt, moss and weeds and clean the block pavers well. There will be a clean up involved though. For this it is best to use a fan nozzle and thoroughly rinse down all the surrounding areas. You will likely find a good quality broom and shovel will be needed. We like to use a snow shovel to pick up the sludge during the clean as it hold the wet dirt very well.

Hire a professional pressure washing company

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