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How to Clean K Rend

Do you have a rendered house? Do you have K Rend on your house, or another brand of through render such as Weber, Monocouche, Sto, etc.? If so, it is likely that the render has turned green, grey or has red streaks on it. You may have wondered how to clean K Rend. This article will highlight a few methods of cleaning K Rend and other brand. Some to avoid, and some use.


High pressure cleaning

High pressure should not be used to clean render. As the surface is fragile, using high pressure to clean your house walls will damage the surface. In fact, cleaning at high pressure can etch the surface of the render. This will leave permanent damage to the render. As K Rend is usually only around 8-10mm thick cleaning at high pressure is not advised, as soon you will run out of render!

Cleaning with Acids

Cleaning rendered surfaces with acids is not advised. Although some acids will kill algae growth, there are far better chemicals to use when cleaning render. Acids can be very detrimental to the surfaces. Also, as acids are extremely dangerous to use and can cause damage to property and cause severe burns and injury.

How to clean K Rend the correct way

Application of a biocide

K Rend state in their specifications for K Rend that a biocide should be applied annually. This is the best defence against algae growth. By applying a biocide the algae is killed before it can spread over the walls. However, caution is needed. Biocides can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Handling concentrated biocides should be carried out by experienced operatives.

Application of biocides should be carried out under low pressure, and it is important to avoid overspray and window drift. This is where using an experiences contractor is necessary.

Steam Cleaning

Renders can be steam cleaned under low pressure. We would suggest that no more than 50bar or pressure is used to clean K rend. It is also important that the appropriate nozzle is used when cleaning render with steam. Sometimes chemicals are not suitable due to the surrounding areas e.g. pond, river next to the render.

How we can help

If you are looking into how to clean K Rend it can be done DIY, although we would not suggest taking that approach due to the risks involved in using chemicals and heat. We offer a render cleaning service throughout the South West and South Wales. We can also travel to other parts of the country to carry render cleaning. We can either pop in to take a look at your project if you are local, or we can quote from photos.

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What have you been looking for?

Have you been searching for cleaning render with bleach? Are you looking for a k render cleaning solution? K Rend technical information will suggest applying a biocide to kill algae. Have you wondered – can you paint over coloured render or how to clean silicone render? Have you been searching how to clean parex render or k rend?

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