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Softwash K Rend Cleaning in Cardiff, Newport, Bristol and South Wales.

Over time algae, lichen, mold and moss grows in K Rend surfaces. If K Render is not treated regularly the build up can grow to a point where the rendered building will change appearance. This can have a detrimental affect to the K Rend and can cause permanent damage. The process we use will kill the algae, lichen, moss and mold down to the route, sterilising the surface. Once we have completed the clean we can also include a biocide that will keep the K Rend cleaner for longer. We carry out K Rend cleaning in Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

What is Softwashing?

The process can be called softwashing, soft washing or chemical cleaning. It involves using low pressure to apply a cleaning chemical to a surface. The cleaning chemical will depend on the type of dirt being removed and the surface it being removed from. However, softwashing involves more than just spraying a chemical onto a property. When it comes to professional softwashing it is vital that the softwashing company has a good knowledge of which chemicals are being used, the correct methods for application and what surfaces it is not safe to apply certain chemicals. Soft washing buildings will require more than a “one chemical fits all” approach. A wide range of cleaning chemicals will need to be used to treat specific stains and to treat specific surfaces.

What Surfaces can be Softwashed?

  • Render – Such as K Rend, Parex, Sto Render, Weber Render, Rockwool panels, etc.
  • Stone – limestone, bath stone as well as other types of stone can be softwashed
  • Cladding – Soft washing is a very effective way of carrying out cladding cleaning in Cardiff
  • Floor areas – Patios, block paving, slabs, concrete and other hard surfaces are great for softwashing.
  • UPVC – Upvc cladding, fascias soffits and gutters look great when soft washed.
  • Roofs – Roofs will usually require a scrape to remove moss, or a pressure wash first.
  • more….

Do you have to steam clean or pressure wash the surface too?

Sometimes, it depends on the individual job. Usually a light steam clean will improve the finish after a softwash for k rend cleaning. The benefits of softwashing first, then steam cleaning are that the algae is killed under low pressure, then only a minimum amount of pressure is needed to rinse the areas down after. It is vital that all surfaces are thoroughly rinsed after a softwash after k rend cleaning.

Why should you get us soft wash your property?

  • Lengthen the life of your property’s surface. Untreated moss, lichen and algae will cause your surface to fail quicker. 
  • Moss and lichen will feed on the surface it is growing on. This means it is in effect eating your property!
  • Your render will look like new!
  • Your property value will increase. A dirt looking house will reach a lower price than a clean one.
  • Your property will sell faster!
  • CHAS approved.
  • IPAF (cherry picker) licensed. 
  • PASMA (tower scaffold) licensed.
  • No need to paint your render!
  • With over 20 years experience in exterior cleaning we are one of the most experienced soft washers and render cleaners in the UK. 

We offer free samples!

So, how can you get your quotation?

  1. First we have a chat to discuss your requirements for k rend cleaning or any other service. To see if there are any unusual circumstances with your property e.g. out of hours clean needed, ponds near by, etc.
  2. Second we either provide a site visit or ask for photos of the areas to be cleaned, along with an address.
  3. We then work out the best possible way of cleaning your property, while ensuring a safe working environment.
  4. Next, we provide a full written quotation detailing all elements of the clean.
  5. Once, the quotation is agreed we work out a suitable date and time to carry out the work.
  6. When on site we take before and after photos of the clean showing the transformation of your property.
  7.  After the work is completed we ensure you, as our customer, are happy with all aspects of the clean.
  8. We supply a full VAT invoice for the work.

What else can we clean?

  • Roof cleaning Cardiff
  • Render cleaning
  • Patio cleaning
  • Driveway cleaning
  • Stone cleaning
  • UPVC cleaning
  • Cladding cleaning
  • Woodwork cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Steam cleaning
  • Pressure washing




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