K Rend cleaning in Portishead

We recently carried out K rend cleaning in Portishead on a property that was badly affected with algae growth. Due to the location of this house it was suffering from algae growth. As it is next to the estuary the walls had been battered with wind and rain since the property was built. This led to a heavy buildup of algae, mould and lichen on the surfaces. Our customer wanted us to carry out the clean using soft wash render cleaning methods. This was to ensure only low pressure was used on the K Rend. As we only clean car and using low pressure methods this was ideal for us.

This wall in particular suffered with red algae growth. This is common around coastal areas. We have successfully cleaned hundreds of properties with this type of red streaky algae. As we had already cleaned two large properties on this development in the previous few weeks our customer also wanted to use Leeksons exterior cleaning for his render cleaning to ensure the best results were achieved.

When cleaning K Rend more involved than just soft washing. Although soft washing the render will improve the look of your K rend this is only part of the cleaning process. The very best results and longevity to the clean is always needed. K rend should be soft washed and then lightly steam cleaned. A soft wash will kill the algae growth on the surface. However, it will not remove the surface deposits created by the algae growth. By lightly steam cleaning the render, using the right equipment and techniques, the results are far better. 

Once the K rend has been cleaned, unusual stains can be treated. Such as rust marks on render, soil splash up, tannin runs, etc. can be treated and cleaned.

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