Low Pressure Roof Treatment to Remove Moss and Clean Your Gutters

Moss and lichen can grow on roof tiles and clog gutters, blocking water from flowing freely through your roof and downspouts. This can cause water damage to the interior of your home, as well as create an unsightly appearance that’s bad for business if you run a company out of your office building. If you have moss on your roof, consider our low pressure roof treatment to remove moss and clean your gutters in the process. Our technicians will apply a cleaning agent that kills the biological growth on your roof.

5 Steps to Improve The Look Of Your House

Using a biocide treatment on your roof is one of many ways to improve the look of your house. Below we take a look at five steps you can use to make sure that your home stands out from all of those others. Learn more about these simple ways, and then get started today!

How to you remove moss from roofs?
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How A Low Pressure Roof Treatment Cleans Your Gutters

Low pressure roof cleaning systems are designed to clean your gutters without putting pressure on your roof. This is important because pressure can crack or break tiles. Roof cleaning can be done quickly with a low-pressure system, taking just one or two days, unlike traditional methods that take several weeks because they use high-pressures hoses that make it difficult for workers to avoid over-cleaning areas of your roof.


After A Biocide Application

Although it sounds more like a science fiction weapon, many pros actually do use biocide treatments on roofs. Biocides are also known as algae-killers and moss-killers. The chemical is sprayed on a roof, usually once per year when algae is forming. The chemical then kills any growing algae (or moss) improving the look of your property.


When Is The Best Time To Treat My Roof?

There’s no perfect time to clean your roof, but keep in mind that moss prefers moisture, so when you have a lot of rain or dew it may be more likely. Overall, it might be easiest to treat your roof in drier months when there’s less risk of bad weather. However, if the weather is dry your roof can be treated with biocide.


How Long Does The Treatment Last?

It’s difficult to give a precise answer, but most biocides last for a couple of years. It all depends on how frequently you experience rainfall, which affects how well water can seep down into your gutters (and prevent algae from growing on them). In general, your roof treatment will last for several years. When there are trees growing close by the longevity of the cleaning may be affected. Biocide treatments should be repeated regularly to prevent moss regrowing.


What Are The Benefits Of Having My Roof Treated?

A low pressure roof treatment will stop algae, moss and lichen from damaging your roof tiles. If left untreated, algae will start to grow on your roof which is a dead weight that can weaken your roof structure. It’s also important to note that rainwater can collect in small areas of moss growing on your roof causing a risk of leaks. An algaecide is added with a biocide treatment to kill off any unwanted growth.


Why Should I Have My Roof treated?

So you’ve got some moss on your roof tiles and need it taken care of. What should you do? To eliminate an unsightly covering of algae, moss or lichen from your roof, there is only one solution: A scrape and a biocide treatment. This involves treating your tiles with a substance that will work on your roof tiles.