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Render Cleaning companies in Portishead

In recent years there has been an influx of rendered properties in Portishead and Bristol. This leads many people to look for Render cleaning companies in Portishead to clean their render to ensure their property always looks great.

Developers often use render brands such as K rend, Weber, Monocouche, Sto render to create a bright and fresh look to newly built properties.

The colours vary between white, cream, terracotta, green, blue as well as many other shades and colours.  

However, one thing all brands and colours have in common is the need for regular maintenance.

How to clean and maintain render?

Prevention is better than cure.

For this reason, render manufacturers will suggest that a biocide is applied to the rendered surfaces annually. By applying a biocide every 12 months algae growth is killed before it can develop into larger problems. This will also prevent the growth of moss and lichens on the surfaces. A light steam clean may also be needed to remove the surface dirt where it has built up.

”my render has not been cleaned for years”

If the render on your property has not been cleaned for years, or a biocide has not been applied annually, there will likely be a large build up of moss, lichen and algae.

What should you do now?

Do not paint your render!

With the correct techniques and methods, along with professional grade equipment and the right chemicals, your render can be restored. 

Leeksons exterior cleaning are the most experienced render cleaning company in Portishead. We have cleaned many properties in Portishead and have many examples of our work.

What to look out for when choosing Render cleaning companies in Portishead


It is imperative that the cleaning of render is carried out under low pressure. High-pressure will damage coloured renders by taking the surface off. Many times, DIY render cleaning attempts have left rendered buildings with permanent etches.

Chemical Clean

By carrying out a clean using the correct chemicals if the results are far better than the alternative. The dirt that is seen on Render is actually algae growth. This means, the algae needs to be killed during the clean. If the algae is not killed on the walls it will grow back within months. 

Ask for examples and references.

Leeksons exterior cleaning have many examples of render cleaning in Portishead. We are able to offer addresses of properties in the area that we have cleaned to show our work.

But beware! There are many companies around the UK using our images and stating that they are their work. This is why it is important to also ask for references.

No doubt, you have been looking for render cleaning companies in Portishead. Leeksons exterior cleaning are a family run company with 20 years experience in exterior cleaning. 

Due to our experience, we are often able to quote from photos and an address. However, if you would like a site visit please let us know and we will call at a time convenient to you.

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