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Render cleaning in Hereford

We can clean your render! We offer a render cleaning service in Hereford and surrounding areas. We take on large projects such as hospitals and schools to smaller properties such as houses. So when you are looking for render cleaning in Hereford can we can take on your project and transform your render to its original condition.

Why choose Leeksons Exterior Cleaning to take care of your render cleaning project?

We are the U.K.’s most experience render cleaning company. Although we are based in south wales, we cover the whole of the UK. We are used by large property management companies repeatedly to take on large render cleaning projects. We never failed to deliver on our promises. Due to our investment in telescopic render cleaning systems we are able to clean most buildings safely from the floor. This means in most cases Cherry pickers and scaffolding are not needed. Although when the needs that arise we are qualified and experienced in working from these access methods.



How does your render look at the moment?

Through coloured render such as K Rend and Weber Render brightens a building and looks lean and fresh. Unfortunately, due to the weather in our country algae grows quickly. Due to the wet weather, and increasingly warm winters algae growth as increase quickly. Algae on render usually starts with a green tinge to your coloured render. Overtime your render will start to look dull and grey. This is not how are your render should look. Once we have cleaned your render you will be surprised by the results, as the original colours show again. You may have red algae runs down the side of some of your rendered walls. This can be confused with rust due to its red/Orange look. At this point some may think about painting their render, but this is not necessary.


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If you prefer to speak to someone call us on 0800 6101 275 and we’ll be happy to help.