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Are you looking for Roof Cleaning in Bristol?

When you are looking for roof cleaning in Bristol, Bath or the surrounding areas get in touch with us at Leeksons.  Moss, lichen and algae grow on roofs in the UK. Due to the wet climate and warmer winters this growth is increasing year on year. We at Leeksons have cleaned many roofs throughout Bristol and specialise in a soft approach to roof cleaning, rather than pressure washing. 

Why is it best to have your roof cleaned?

Roof Cleaning will visibly change the exterior of your property. By removing the moss, lichen and algae your roof will look cleaner and brighter. Also, moss growth will damage your roof. This will happen when moss growth lifts or pushes tiles as it grows between the tiles or slates. Also, moss growth actually feeds on your roof damaging the tiles below. This will decrease the life of your roof and cause water ingress.

Whats eating your roof?

Moss feeds on the roof tiles, causing irreparable damage. 


Algae growth is present on most things. Roof tiles in particular as an excellent breeding ground for algae. This is due to the regular rainfall we experience in the UK.


Lichens are usually white, black or yellow. They will form as small dots which increase to larger circles. Lichen growth will usually become a problem around the ridge tiles of a roof.


Moss is the biggest problem on roofs. Moss will fall from the roof, move tiles and cause water ingress. For this reason removing moss from a roof should be a first priority.

Roof Cleaning using soft methods (not pressure washing) will involve the following methods:

  • Erect safe platform to work from (usually a tower scaffold)
  • Scrape moss growth from the roof.
  • Empty gutters
  • Apply biocide to kill algae, lichen and moss spores.
  • General clean up of the area

If you prefer to speak to someone call us on 0800 6101 275 and we’ll be happy to help.