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In February 2020 we carried out a roof clean to this property in Caldicot. Our customer wanted to go for low pressure roof cleaning to ensure no risk of damage to surfaces and to ensure there was no water ingress. The moss growth on this roof was especially bad on certain sides fo the roof, but the whole property was affected by moss growth



The roofline was accessed via tower scaffold. This is a safe way of cleaning the roof that complies with Health and Safety HSE laws.




  • The method used for cleaning the moss from the roof tiles was using tools specifically designed for roof cleaning. This allows our team to remove as much moss as possible from the roof tiles.
  • Then we empty all gutters on the property to ensure all rainwater good are free running.
  • At this stage we apply a professional grade biocide to the roof. This will kill the remaining moss spores, lichen and algae. Over time the roof will get cleaner and brighter.
  • Last, we clean up the surrounding area and bag up all the moss that was scraped from the roof.

What are the benefits of low pressure roof cleaning?

Low pressure roof cleaning allows us to clean the roof tiles without having to have high pressure. This will ensure no water gets into your roof pace when cleaning, no tiles are broken through pressure washing and pointing is not disturbed during the clean. When roofs are pressure washed the results can be disappointing. As some roof tiles fade over time the result from a pressure wash can leave the roof looking patchy and faded.

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Caldicot is a town in Monmouthshire, southeast Wales. The location is between Chepstow and Newport on the Gloucester–Newport line served primarily by Caldicot station. Caldicot is just off the M4 / M48 motorway corridor. Due to the location of Caldicot, it is close to Newport, Cardiff Central and east to Chepstow, Lydney, and Gloucester. It lies in a location that is close to Cardiff and across the Second Severn Crossing, old Severn Bridge to Bristol. There are around 11,000 people living in Caldicot and it has a large school, Caldicot School. Caldicot is also known for its large medieval castle, with beautiful grounds.

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