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Roof Cleaning in Chepstow

When you need roof cleaning in Chepstow get in touch with us at Leeksons exterior cleaning. We offer a low pressure cleaning option and a higher pressure option for some roofs that are suitable.

Low pressure roof cleaning – SOFT WASHING

We scraped the moss growth from the tiles on this property in Caldicot, Gwent. Next, we applied a chemical solution to the roof to clean the roof using soft wash methods. The chemical clean and soft wash roof cleaning transformed the look of the property.

How to clean a roof

There are two options when it comes to roof cleaning..


First – A light scrape is carried out on the roof. This will remove the majority of moss and lichen living on the roof.

Second – All gutters are then emptied and surrounding areas are tidied up.

Third – Biocide is applied to the surface to kill the algae, moss and lichen spores.

Fourth – Every time it rains the rain will continue to clean the surface. Over a period of months the roof will get cleaner and brighter as the organisms living on the roof die and fall away. 


First – Down pipes are blocked to ensure moss doesn’t clog the drains.

Second – Roof tiles are pressure washed from above the roof tiles, ensuring water doesn’t not go under the tiles.

Third – biocide is applied to kill the moss, lichen and algae spores.

If you prefer to speak to someone call us on 0800 6101 275 and we’ll be happy to help.