Rust Removal from K Rend

Rust stains on rendered properties are unsightly and spoil the look of a property. When treating and removing these stains it is important to first eliminate the cause of the stain. The the correct method is needed for each type of stain. There are different products available to treat the stains, but not a ‘one chemical does all’ option.

It is important that the contractor you use for this type of work has a good knowledge of chemical treatments and only low pressure is used for the clean.

rust stain cleaning from k rend
rust removed from render

This rust stain was removed in a very quick time using no more pressure than a hose pipe.

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Rust stains on rendered walls are notoriously difficult to remove. some may feel that painting over rust stains is the best option. However render clean be cleaned and the stains treated.

There are products like oxygen cleanze rust removal gel, oxygen cleanse rust remover and k rend cleaner b&q. These can work, but they are not always the best option for the stain being treated. On painted surfaces it is important to remove rust without harming paint and when cleaning render with bleach this can cause rust stain on render as it runs over some metalwork.