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Leeksons Exterior Cleaning are a softwashing company in Cardiff. With 12 years experience in softwashing (and 20 in exterior cleaning) we were the first in South Wales to offer the service. Surfaces such as render (K Rend, Weber Render, Sto Render, Monocouche render) are best soft washed. 


What is softwashing?

Softwashing is a way of cleaning a surface using very low pressure. This involves using chemicals. Although, the chemicals will vary from one substrate to the next, and the type of soiling and contamination.



Softwashing is the opposite to high pressure jet washing

An example of Softwashing in Cardiff

When you are looking for a softwashing company in Cardiff (or the surrounding areas) it is always best to ask for examples of their previous work. Unfortunately, we have had many of our photos taken from our website without our permission. This has led to many companies showing examples of ‘their’ work, when it is actually ours. We are happy to give examples and references for our work proving that the work is in fact our own.

Below are a few examples of our softwashing projects in South Wales and the South West.

If you prefer to speak to someone call us on 0800 6101 275 and we’ll be happy to help.