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Stone Cleaning in Chippenham

Are you looking for stone cleaning in Chippenham? Stone cleaning can by carried out using several different methods. This can be carried out by pressure washing stone (jet washing stone), steam cleaning stone, blast cleaning stone and chemical cleaning stone.

What to look out for when it comes to Stone Cleaning

Stone cleaning in Chippenham should be carried out using low pressure. In some cases a more abrasive cleaning, such as blast cleaning, is needed. However, it is important that the lowest pressure clean is carried out when possible. Chemically cleaning stone will mean stain such as carbon, algae and lichen can be removed from the stone.

These walls were cleaned using chemicals to kill the algae and lichen growth on the walls. The owner of the property was looking for stone cleaning in Chippenham using low pressure cleaning methods. We were able to clean the stone using just 50 bar of pressure.

At the time of the after photo the stone is still drying out


We can usually quote from photos, so please send a few photos of your stone building in Chippenham for your free quotation. We also cover all of the South West and South Wales.

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