Stone Cleaning in Clifton

When you are looking for stone cleaning in Clifton or stone cleaning in Bristol get in touch. We carry out stone cleaning services throughout the area as well as other specialise exterior cleaning services. Many properties in Clifton are built using natural stone. If you are looking for “natural stone cleaning near me” we offer a stone cleaning service that kill algae build up and cleans the stone leaving the building looking great.

How do we clean stone?

The process will vary depending on what needs to be cleaned. For algae and lichen growth we would steam clean the stone, then apply a biocide. We also use a ThermaTech which allows us to clean the stonework using low pressures, but super heated water. This is a gentle way of cleaning the stonework, which is approved for cleaning listed buildings.

stone cleaning in clifton
stone cleaning in Clifton

Would you like a quote for your project?

Get in touch for your quotation for stone cleaning in Clifton. Click HERE to go to our Contact Us page and we will start the ball rolling.

stone cleaning in chippenham
stone cleaning in chippenham

What is in Clifton?

Clifton is a suburb of Bristol, England. It is also the name of one of the city’s thirty-five council wards. The Clifton ward also includes the areas of Cliftonwood and Hotwells. The eastern part of the Clifton suburb lies within the ward of Clifton Down. Some places in Clifton that are worth noting are the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge. Clifton CathedralClifton CollegeThe Clifton ClubGoldney Hall and Clifton Down.