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1. Increase the value of your house

Trying to sell a house with a roof covered in moss, lichen, algae and mold will make things difficult. A cleaner house will mean more curb appeal, which will ensure you are in a better position when it comes to haggling. Do you need your roof cleaned?

2. Lengthen the life of your roof

Moss eats your roof! No really. Moss feeds on the roof tiles over time. Moss can cause severe damage to a roof shortening the life of the tiles.

3. Moss falling onto patios and driveway

During heavy rain large moss growths can fall away from the roof leading on your patios and driveways. This looks unsightly and will mean the area will need to be swept regularly, perhaps daily. Birds can also pick at the moss main it fall down all year round. Moss falling from roofs can also cause guttering to become blocked.


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