Three ways to increase the value of your house

This article will show three ways to increase the value of your house. Yes, there are lots of articles online showing different ways to improve your house. Some will discuss how to add value of your home on a budget or what adds most value to a house. As we are a exterior cleaning company our slant on the topic will be from an exterior cleaning standpoint. So if you have a house to sell, or you would just like to improve the looks of your house keep reading to see where an improvement might be made.

1. Roof cleaning

In the UK roofs suffer from the wet conditions we have on a regular basis. The wet weather combined with warm summers increase moss growth on roof tiles and slates. Also, poor roof insulation will accelerate the moss growth on your properties. Having your roof cleaned will dramatically improve the curtsied appeal of your house. This will have a knock-on effect to the value of your house. Having a clean roof will show your property has been looked after, which will appeal to all potential buyers. Roof cleaning is an investment, not a luxury.


2. Wall cleaning

First impressions count! Many people will make a decision not to buy a house based on the outward appearance of your property, when it looks dirty. A dirty exterior will give the impression that the inside may also be dated, or dirty. Also, it can give the impression that your property will require a high level of maintenance. By making sure your exterior house walls are cleaned your property will be more appealing to your prospective buyers. This will also give a better position to the home owner for bargaining and negotiating.

Depending on the surface type of your house, algae growth, lichen and moss will affect your house in different ways. However, most surfaces will suffer with biological growth.

As an exterior cleaning company we carry out cleaning services to render on a regular basis. K Rend, Weber render, Monocouche render cleaning and Sto rend cleaning.

Brick cleaning

It is also important that your brickwork is kept in a clean condition. A common problem with brickwork is algae growth. This can lead to your brickwork looking dull and grey. Moss growth on brickwork and pointing is also a common problem, not only will this make the property look dirty, it can also cause damage to the surface. Carbon deposits are also found in or around city areas. 

3. Driveway cleaning (and exterior floor cleaning)

How much value does a driveway add to a house? Although there is no figure that can be put on this question due to many variables, it is clear that a driveway will add value to any home. As with everything, driveways ad other exterior floorings will need regular maintenance to keep them looking attractive, and to achieve longevity in you property’s investment. What types of driveway and exterior flooring are available?

Block paved driveway and paths.

Block paving looks great, especially clay paviors. However, without regular maintenance moss growth is common between the blocks. Also, algae growth on the surface will make the surface look dull and black. On top of this you have general dirt, oil drips, fatty staining from BBQs, etc. This is why it is vitally important to have your exterior floor surfaces cleaned regularly, especially when selling your house. Clean exterior flooring will increase the value of your house,  

Indian sandstone

Indian sandstone is a beautiful way to improve your property. Although it may be a costly expense installing the product, it is definitely a worthwhile investment for your property. This is why it is so important to clean Indian sandstone to keep it looking great. We at Leeksons exterior cleaning can also remove all black spots that are common on Indian sandstone. Do you need black spot removal from Indian sandstone?


Decking areas over time will look green and grey, losing there fresh, wooden look for your property. It is very important to clean decking areas correctly. Low pressure and the right chemicals will improve the look of the decking areas on your property and can increase the value of your property.

Pattern imprinted Concrete

Pattern imprinted concrete can let your potential home buyer know that your property is low maintenance. This is a big seller for many busy professionals. However, once again, regular maintenance is key! Is it important that your pattern imprinted concrete areas are kept clean to make sure your sealant lasts as long as possible. When needed the whole area should be cleaned thoroughly and all biological growth should be killed. Then a top up coat of sealant should be applied. Keeping your exterior floors looking clean and fresh will increase the value of your house

This article has highlighted three ways to increase the value of your house. There are many other ways to increase the value of your property, whether it be a house, business premises or you have asked how to add value to your flat. However, first impressions count. When someone comes to view your property, having a clean exterior will show your potential buyer that the building has been looked after. 

So if you are thinking of putting your house on the market, if it already is for sale, or you are just looking to improve the look of your property, get in touch with us at Leeksons Exterior Cleaning. We are based in South Wales and cover all of South Wales and the South West of England.