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Weber Render Cleaning

Weber Render is a through coloured render which comes in a variety of colours. It is popular for domestic properties and commercial buildings. It is very similar to K Rend by appearance and is also known as Monocouche render. Like all through renders Weber render cleaning is needed for maintenance and to keep it looking great.

Through renders, such as Weber render is prone to Organic growth such as algae, lichen and moss. Red algae and green algae on Weber render is common. Also, Black mould is often found on through coloured renders.

The organic growth will lead to rendered walls having a green tinge to them. This will develop into black staining on the rendered walls. Red algae will usually grow from the bottom up and spread over a wall, or form as long runs as the rain spreads the algae growth down the walls. Moss and lichens will grow on the your Weber render, with moss growing in any cracks that may have appeared, as well as on the surface of the render.

The examples shown on this page show a property suffering from organic growth. The properties shown were in need of Weber render cleaning. The cleaning process will kill the algae, lichen and moss, leaving the (Weber) Monocouche render free of organic growth.

Leeksons Exterior Cleaning have cleaned many rendered property with Weber render. This ranges from small house wall cleaning to large commercial developments such as schools, hospitals and large residential blocks. 

Where do we offer Weber render cleaning?

We cover the whole of the UK for render cleaning. Our team has travelled to most parts of the UK to offer our render cleaning services. Due to our experience in exterior cleaning, over 20 years experience, we are probably the most experienced render cleaning company in the UK.

  • Weber render cleaning in Bristol
  • Weber render cleaning in Cardiff
  • Weber render cleaning in Newport
  • Weber render cleaning in Monmouth
  • Weber render cleaning in Swansea
  • Weber render cleaning in Portishead
  • Weber render cleaning in Taunton
  • Weber render cleaning in Cirencester
  • Weber render cleaning in Gloucester
  • Weber render cleaning in South Wales
  • Weber render cleaning in Bath
  • Weber render cleaning in South West

How do we clean your Weber Render?

Most of the time we are able to clean your Weber render from the ground using our customised render cleaning systems. The advantage of clean monocouche render from the ground is that there is a huge saving passed on to our customers. By cleaning rendered walls from the ground it means we do not need to use scaffolding of cherry pickers. Of course, for some projects scaffolding or cherry pickers are needed.

There are different methods for cleaning coloured renders, such as Monocouche, Weber render:

  • Cleaning using a DOFF or Thermatech. Using these systems involves cleaning at low pressure, but a high temperature. This is a gental way to the rendered surfaces. However, by steam cleaning Weber render it does not kill the organic growth. For this, another step is needed.
  • Using a biocide. By using a biocide such as DDAC will kill the organic growth to the root system. This means all algae, lichen, moss and mold is killed off during the process. DDAC will also give more longevity to the cleaning of render.
  • Using an oxidiser. Certain oxidising chemicals can by used to kill organic matter such as black mold on render. This is can involve cleaning render with bleach, but care must be taken to clean in a safe way.
  • Using an environmentally friendly render cleaner chemical to kill algae. This option is not always the most cost effective way of cleaning render. However, in some cases this is the best, and only safe option of cleaning. For example, when working over a river, steam of the sea.

Some Weber products such as Weber CL150 Cleaner, or Weber CL150 algae wash, work well when softwash render cleaning. A render cleaning machine, or delivery device is needed to carry out the clean safely.

So what is the best way to clean monocouche Render?

If you prefer to speak to someone call us on 0800 6101 275 and we’ll be happy to help.