Today many new developments are coated in K Rend or similar through coloured render products. K Rend looks great when it is new, but after time it will need to be cleaned. So, what is K Rend Cleaning and why is it important?

Render cleaning products are available. Some work better than others, but using k rend cleaning products requires an understanding of which product is best in each case. Using professional render cleaning companies with the correct experience and training can ensure that the right product is used on your property.


what is K Rend Cleaning

What is K Rend Cleaning?

Professional render cleaning involves using softwash methods to apply a chemical to your K Rend, then a low pressure steam clean. Render cleaning should not be carried out using high pressures. Some companies out there claim to offer a professional render cleaning service. But in reality their methods may not be correct. Using chemicals should be kept to a minimum and unnecessary chemical use could be harmful to the environment. However, using too much pressure will permanently damage the K Rend on your property. Therefore, a careful balance is needed, and correct chemical use will ensure very low pressures are used to clean your render. Different cleaning products can be used in cleaning K Rend such as biocide and cleaning render with bleach. However, when handling any cleaning product it is vital that the correct PPE is used and the operative has a good understanding of working with each product.

What are the steps to render cleaning?

Different processes are used on each project. However, in most circumstances these steps are used.

  1. We make an assessment to ensure access is available to all surfaces. Telescopic poles are usually used for render cleaning. However, cherry pickers or scaffolding may be needed sometimes. A suitable detergent for K Rend is selected
  2. The cleaning solution is applied to the surface using a professional mixing system. Sufficient dwell time is allowed to ensure the solution works well on the surface.
  3. The K Rend is then steamed using low pressure(around 50 bar). This step should be carried out using the correct pressure, temperature and nozzle type. Turbo nozzles should never be used!
  4. We use Render stain removers to treat specific stains.
what is K Rend Cleaning
what is K Rend Cleaning - after shot

Why is K Rend cleaning important?

Your render will will last many years if it is professionally cleaned. Also, your property will look clean, fresh and loved. Algae, lichen and moss will damage your render if it is not cleaned and moss will grow in hairline cracks in your K Rend. This will make cracks bigger and can lead to render falling for the property. K Rend paint, or any other paint, should not be used when treating your K Rend. Painting K Rend can lead to big problems and be very expensive. K Rend cleaning costs are less than painting and leaves the correct finish to your render.