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What is Softwash Render Cleaning?

Through colour renders are fragile surfaces. Therefore pressure washing is not a good approach to take when trying to cleaning these surfaces. Instead, softwash render cleaning achieves excellent results while cleaning render with very little pressure. Softwash render cleaning involves using specialist cleaning chemicals to kill the micro-organisms living on your rendered walls. Once the chemicals have killed the algae, mold, lichen, etc on your rendered surfaces the property will start to look brighter and stains will be removed.


How are the cleaning chemicals applied?

K Rend Cleaning chemicals can be applied using several methods. Some will cover a surface quickly, but may not be the safest way of applying chemicals. An experienced, responsible company will apply render cleaning chemicals using the safest method for the project at hand. For this reason, many render cleaning professionals will apply chemicals under low pressure and apply the chemicals in a way that will not allow chemical drift.

Safety is key! – Always make sure your render cleaning company will use safe methods of chemical application.

Now for a light steam…

Once the microorganisms have been killed a light steam clean is needed. Some companies will skip this step stating that only a ‘softwash’ is needed. This is incorrect. A softwash alone may be suitable for a very mild build up of algae. (usually showing a dull green tinge to render), for heavy build ups steam cleaning is needed. This is where experience is vital. In the wrong hands steam cleaning can be detrimental to the K Render that is bing cleaned. However, by employing a professional render cleaning company your surfaces can be cleaned properly. This means using low pressure, at around 50 bar. Using a wide fan nozzle to the steam cleaner. Also, keeping the temperature to around 70-80 degrees Celsius the minimal amount of pressure is needed.

Who can you trust?

Leeksons Exterior Cleaning are the most experienced render cleaning companies in the UK. With 20 years experience in exterior cleaning they have many examples of their work and references available. Leeksons Exterior Cleaning take on projects ranging from domestic properties to large commercial sites.

When you are ready for you free quotation for softwash render cleaning get in touch with Leeksons. Free quotes and examples of provided. We can even carry out a sample clean to show you exactly what we can do for your K Rend, Weber, Sto Rend or monocouche coated property.


If you prefer to speak to someone call us on 0800 6101 275 and we’ll be happy to help.