What is render?

Render is popular choice for many new builds. It allows properties to have different coloured finishes without the need for paint. Leading manufacturers are K Rend, Monocouche, Weber as well as many others. This type of render is often referred to as through coloured render or through Render. Have you wondered what is the best way to clean Render?

It is important for property owners to carry out regular maintenance to ensure algae, moss and lichen does not grow on the surfaces. This is because it can damage the surface as well as alter the appearance of the render. Signs that a rendered property has not been maintained will be green algae staining, black mould and red streaks near coastal areas and open areas.

By reading this blog you can find out the best way of maintaining your render in a way that will preserve the life of the coating.

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Jet Washing Render

Some companies recommend jet washing render. K Rend and Weber Saint Gobain, as well as other render manufactures, will often suggest a light jet wash to clean the render. Although a very light jet wash can remove light surface dirt it is not the best way to clean render that has algae growth on it. Jet washers use very high pressures which can damage the render permanently. As most renders suffer from algae growth after a few years pressure washing alone will not kill the biological growth. This means the algae will grow back within a couple of months.

As you can see in the image here, pressure washing render can cause etching to the surface. Jet washing is not the best approach to render cleaning.

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Softwashing Render

Softwashing is the best way of cleaning your render. The process involves using a detergent to chemically clean the render using next to no pressure at all. This process is best carried out using a pumping system and water fed pole with a brush attachment. This is to avoid spraying the chemicals which can then drift in any wind. Soft washing render such as K Rend should be carried out by a professional render cleaning company.


Is render cleaning a DIY job?

Render cleaning chemicals can be bought from from various shops and online. K render cleaner b&q and render cleaner screwfix can be bought for DIY jobs. However, as these chemicals are hazardous and can be very dangerous to use if done without experience and training. Cleaning your render with a biocide or cleaning render with bleach can be very dangerous is used incorrectly. For this reason it is best to use a professional render cleaner to clean your property.

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wooden cladding cleaning

A Little more about the best way to clean render

Detergents and Cleaning Chemicals

Using some detergent will improve the cleaning results. A suitable detergent or render cleaning chemical will kill off the algae growth and improve the look of the render. When algae growth is minor on the render or K Rend a little detergent and a light brush, then a rinse can remove the green algae staining.

If left untreated algae on of K Rend will start to take hold and spread. This can lead to extensive discolouration. At this point it is important that the render is not cleaned with a jet washer or pressure washer. By employing a professional render cleaning company like Leeksons a different treatment can by applied and a light steam clean carried out.



Biocides and Fungicides

Algae, mould and fungi can grow on render meaning the building can become very discoloured. You will often find one side of your property is worst affected by algae growth. This is usually the side that takes the brunt of the wind and rain. If left untreated this can lead to damage of your render when moss and lichens start to grow. When this occurs the moss can start to break down the render and cause cracks to get larger. Eventually this may lead to a point where the building needs to be pre-rendered.

Algae and fungi build ups can be avoided by applying a biocide annually. This is a service that Leeksons Exterior Cleaning offers. We use our specialist equipment to ensure the perfect dose of biocide for your property.


When a building needs to be Re-rendered 

Render patch ups never look great. Even if using the same batch of render a patch up will always look out of place. However, sometimes this is needed. For example, if a window is being blocked up, or damage has been caused to a wall a patch may be needed. It is generally best to re-render a complete wall instead of patch repairs though to ensure an even finish to the render.


How do Leeksons clean render?

The first step is an evaluation. This can be done in person or by using photos of the property. At this stage we will assess the render and the staining found on it and chose the correct methods and cleaning solutions for your building.

If the algae growth is low on the render that a simple biocide application may be enough to bring back the colours of the render. However, if there is any black mould on the render this would not be the best approach. Instead, we would softwash the render using a suitable detergent. After sufficient dwell time we then steam clean the Redner of K Rend using low pressure.

Once the bulk of the staining has been removed we can spot treat for various stains found on the building. For rust removal from render we treat it with a specific chemical for the type of rust present. For cleaning grease and oil from render we would use a suitable degreaser and a steam clean. We also carry out removal or paint from render, cleaning soil splash up from render and many other unusual stains on K Rend render.

Once the render is clean we can return in 12 months times to carry out a biocide application. This way your property will always look great.