What are the black stains on my render?

Black marks on the K Rend render can be slightly and make a previously bright K Rend building look grubby and dull. Black marks on K Rend will usually be caused by algae growth on the surface. In inner-city areas it is possible that the black marks could be carbon deposits, although this is quite rare. As K Rend is a porous surface moisture sits in the K Rend for longer than some other wall types. This is a perfect breeding ground for algae growth, lichen and mould.

Can you remove stains from k rend

What does algae growth look like on K Rend render?

Green algae

– Green algae growth is the first sign of algae on your K Rend walls. This is the best time to have your house cleaned and treated by a Professional Render Cleaning Company.

Black marks

– Black staining on render forms after green algae. Also, black staining on Render usually appears around 5 to 7 years after the render has been applied to the building. Using chemical treatments and low pressure steam cleaning these stains can be removed.

Red Streaks

– Some algae growth on K Rend walls is shown as red streaks on K Rend. This means it can look as if your house is bleeding. Long red streaks will appear and overtime spread further down the walls. Red algae streaks on K Rend can be removed by treating with a substance that kills the algae. However, sometimes I like steam cleaner is also needed.


Other marks on render

Stains on K Rend Render can because by things such as rust, grease, soil splash up, tanning marks from woodwork, and many other things. All of which can be treated and removed by using a professional Render Clean company.

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What can be done about it?

Some companies may offer to pressure wash K Rend walls. However, this is not a good idea. The high pressures will take off the top layer of your render. As K Rend is only around 10mm thick a few pressure washes and you will be running out of K Rend.

Some companies will suggest painting K Rend render. However, this is costly, unnecessary and not recommend by K Rend.

The best way to remove stains from render is to employ a professional k rend cleaning company to remove the stains from you rendered walls. This can be done by treating the algae growth with a suitable biocide product that will kill the algae on the surface. This can be done using low pressures and at a much cheaper price tag compared to paining k rend. 

If your K Rend walls are starting to show evidence of algae growth get in touch today to arrange your free quotation.