Have you wondered “why should I soft wash my K Rend?” Many home owners wonder which is the best way to clean their k rend render. Pressure washing render is harmful to the surface and can lead to damage of you building.

Soft washing render means applying a chemical at very low pressure. We then recommend a very light steam clean to remove the surface deposits. This leaves the best finish possible.

k rend cleaning before and after

Can you DIY softwash you render?

After a google search for a suitable detergent for k rend you may find products like algae clean K Rend, k rend cleaner b&q, k rend cleaner screwfix, etc. There are also how to clean k rend articles about cleaning render with bleach. As all soft washing involves using chemicals it is always best to employ a professional render cleaning company to carry out the clean of your render.

However, it is important not to paint k rend. You may have been thinking which is the best paint for k rend and thought of buying K rend paint. Painting K Rend nearly always leads to problems. Also, once you have painted it once you are committed to a large repainting bill ever few years. Softwash and steam cleaning render will cost a lot less than painting.

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