Graffiti Cleaning Company in Bristol

When you’re looking for a professional level graffiti cleaning company in Bristol, we have you covered.

Graffiti is a problem for all cities throughout the UK. When graffiti is applied to a Business premises or domestic property it can look unsightly and have a negative effect on your business. For this reason, we will always aim to remove graffiti within 24 hours of receiving the go-ahead on a project. 

As we have been in the cleaning industry for nearly 20 years we have developed the Best, while gentlest way of removing graffiti. This will ensure the graffiti removal Will not damage the surface is is being removed from. We stock and extensive range of chemicals to ensure we always have the correct chemical for the correct surface and the correct graffiti type.

We also offer an anti-graffiti coating service in Bristol. By applying a protective coating future graffiti attacks are easier to remove.

Graffiti removal

When carrying out graffiti removal in Bristol the most common type we find is spray paint on brickwork. Also, we find a lot of spray paint on stone in Bristol. For porous surfaces such as brick, stone and concrete we would carry out the following:

For extremely stubborn, or very old graffiti, we may soda blast the surface. However, care is made not to use high-pressure on the surface. When the surroundings are suitable, we can also apply a poultice to be left on the surface overnight to draw out the paint, ready to be steamed off.

Graffiti Removal steps

  • Firstly , we apply a professional grade graffiti removal chemical to the surface.
  • Secondly, after sufficient dwell time, the area is steam cleaned under no pressure to remove the paint and the chemicals from the wall.
  • Thirdly, we apply a ‘ghost stain’ remover to remove any ‘ghosting’ marks left. ‘Ghosting’ can occur on older graffiti where the pigment in the paint has soaked into the porous surface.
  • Fourthly, we apply another chemical which will neutralize the area and remove any stubborn paint from brick pointing and mortar. Again, under low pressure.

Anti Graffiti Coating

We advise any building in Bristol or the surrounding area, that may be attacked her graffiti, to have an anti-graffiti coating. The coating can be applied to new buildings before a graffiti attack. However, we can also apply an anti-graffiti coating to a surface once we have removed graffiti from the building. There are two types of anti-graffiti coating is available. Each have their own benefits, which we’re happy to advise on.

Sacrificial coating – Anti-graffiti coating

A sacrificial coating is the most popular choice of anti-graffiti coating in Bristol. We apply a sacrificial anti-graffiti coating by spraying two coats of the chemical onto the surface. The finish is near invisible to ensure the building still looks it’s best.

When graffiti is sprayed onto a sacrificial coating it cannot penetrate the coating, soaking into the brick, Stone or other surface. Therefore, the graffiti can easily be removed from the surface by using a hot pressure washer, under low-pressure, at around 100°C. Once we have removed the graffiti, and the coating it sat on, we simply apply more coating to the surface – ready for any future attacks.

Permanent coating – Anti-graffiti coating

Permanent anti-graffiti coatings can be applied to most surfaces. The disadvantage of a permanent coating is that it will slightly discolour the surface, leaving it with a dull Matt finish. Once a permanent coating has been applied to the surface any future graffiti attacks can be removed with a hot pressure washer, and a mild chemical. Permanent coatings do not need to be reapplied after graffiti removal has taken place.

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It is important that graffiti is removed as soon as possible. Once one tag has been applied to a wall more graffiti will often follow. This can also lead to ‘artists’ congregating at the graffiti site. The best way to remove your graffiti problem is to have a graffiti removed from the surface straightaway. For this reason we always aim to remove graffiti within 24 hours of receiving the go-ahead on the job. We can apply the anti-graffiti coating usually within the same 24 hours.