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Graffiti Cleaning in Newport

Graffiti Cleaning in Newport Are you looking for graffiti cleaning in Newport?Leeksons Exterior Cleaning specialise in low-pressure graffiti removal using specialist chemicals and low-pressure steam.By cleaning with just 50 bar of pressure and up to 150°C we carry out...

Graffiti Cleaning in Bristol

Are you looking for Graffiti Cleaning in Bristol?Bristol is famous for graffiti. There are some great art pieces around Bristol and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, not every piece of graffiti is a ‘Banksy’!  There are a lot of Bristol graffiti artists...
Graffiti Cleaning Company in Bristol

Graffiti Cleaning Company in Bristol

Graffiti Cleaning Company in BristolWhen you’re looking for a professional level graffiti cleaning company in Bristol, we have you covered.Graffiti is a problem for all cities throughout the UK. When graffiti is applied to a Business premises or domestic...
Pressure washing in Newport

Pressure washing in Newport

Pressure Washing in Newport We offer an exterior cleaning service in Newport, South Wales. We offer our services to commercial and residential customers in the Newport area. Also, we cover all the surrounding towns and cities. As we are a well established company in...
Graffiti Removal in Newport

Graffiti Removal in Newport

Graffiti removal in NewportGraffiti is a problem that plagues all cities throughout the UK. Unfortunately, the standard of graffiti applied to most buildings does not have have the same value as some of Banksy’s work. When your property has been vandalised by...

Graffiti removal in Cardiff

Graffiti Removal in Cardiff Graffiti is a common problem found in cities throughout the UK. What can often start as one graffiti tag can grow over time to a problem area for graffiti tagging. For this reason we always recommend that graffiti is removed as soon as...

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