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Are you looking for graffiti cleaning in Newport?

We specialise in low-pressure graffiti removal using specialist chemicals and low-pressure steam.

By cleaning with just 50 bar of pressure and up to 150°C we carry out low-pressure graffiti cleaning in Newport. By using specialist graffiti removal chemicals we are able to soften the paint or ink. This means we can clean the graffiti on the surface using less pressure. This is carried out using low-pressure steam to clean the paint from surfaces. So paint can be melted off the wall in some cases with just low pressure steam.

Do you need a quote for graffiti cleaning in Newport?

It couldn’t be easier! Just send some photos of the graffiti and an address. From this we can work out an accurate quotation for the removal.

Anti-graffiti coatings

When it comes to anti-graffiti coatings there are two types of coatings available. Permanent coatings and sacrificial coatings.

What are the differences?

Permanent anti-graffiti coating

A permanent anti-graffiti coating can be applied to a surface to make future graffiti attacks easier to remove. By applying a professional grade permanent anti-graffiti coating to the surface all future attacks of graffiti can be removed using a mild graffiti remover and hot water.

If you your property has been ‘tagged’ with graffiti get in touch today to organise your free quotation. We aim to remove offensive and resist graffiti within 24 hours. Sometimes we are able to remove graffiti within 1 hour!

Click here for your free quotation >>> Graffiti cleaning in Newport.

If you prefer to speak to someone call us on 0800 6101 275 and we’ll be happy to help.