How to clean graffiti from Bricks

Graffiti removal removal from brick can be a challenging process. Low pressure is always the best option and professional grade graffiti removers. Steam cleaning will also aid the clean meaning less pressure is needed. To find out how to remove graffiti from Bricks keep reading.

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How to clean graffiti from Bricks

Professional Graffiti Removal

You do not need high pressure to remove graffiti from brick. Low pressure, heat and the correct chemicals are all that are needed. 

How to clean graffiti from Bricks

First we apply a professional grade graffiti remover. This will soften the graffiti on the surface. Depending on the paint and surface type the chemicals are usually best to use in a gel form as this will cling to the surface. Some products also involve using a more fluid graffiti removal chemical, but applying several quick applications.

how to Clean graffiti from bricks

Secondly we steam clean the brickwork to remove the as much paint as possible. This is always carried out under low pressure but at a high temperature. This is usually at around 120-150 degrees Celsius. The application of the graffiti remover chemical will may need to be repeated along with the steam clean.

how to Clean graffiti from bricks

Last we will apply a ghost remover to remove the remaining graffiti. We also apply another chemical to the pointing if need be to draw out the paint from the cement Mortar. Then we steam clean the areas thoroughly to ensure no chemicals are left on the brickwork.

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